How long does it take to move out of or into a small house?

It is difficult to say definitively how long it will take to move out of or to a small house as it depends on many situations and factors.

For instance, the number of items being moved, if there are elevators or stairs involved, the distance being traveled, and how many stops are being made. Additionally, you can cut down the time of the move by having all your boxes packed, labeled, and sealed before the movers arrive. As well, the number of rooms and floors of the house will also play a role in the time it will take.

It is also important to disclose any strict time limits regarding the day of the move, such as reserving condo/apartment elevators for a period of time.

How many movers do I need?

The number of movers needed can differ depending on the number of items needed to be moved. But generally, the more movers you have the faster the move will be. Especially, for example, in a large house with many boxes, large furniture items, and large appliances, it would be useful to have more movers working.

Do you provide mattress covers?

There are mattress covers available to be purchased through our company, however, they are not included in the moving price. The mattress protector can be purchased from the driver during the move, we keep our trucks stocked with them. When purchased, the movers will securely package your mattress in the bag themselves and unpack it upon being placed in the bedroom of your new house.

Can I help with loading/unloading?

Although we appreciate wanting to help with the loading process, however, we kindly ask that clients do not help. This is because the truck needs to be loaded in a specific way and we cannot let our clients up into the truck for liability reasons. Our movers are very experienced and knowledgeable in how to arrange the various items inside the moving truck so that everything is secure, fits well and nothing moves or breaks.

When unloading the movers will bring the large furniture and heavy boxes into the house themselves. During the unloading process, if the clients want to carry light items, the movers can bring them out of the truck for them to carry.

Do I need to tip the movers?

Of course not, our customers are not required to tip their movers, it is at the discretion of our customers to make that decision. Our movers are trained to never ask or hint for tips, but they are allowed to accept tips should customers feel inclined to do so.

If you are wanting to tip, you should know there is no typical amount or appropriate percentage. We encourage customers to tip however much they deem appropriate for the job that was completed if they choose to provide a tip.

Where can I buy moving boxes?

Our company offers a variety of sizes of boxes and other packing supplies for customers to purchase. Our services are designed to save our customers time, we advise that you call our company and we will help you to know how many boxes and what size of boxes will work best for you. Additionally, will deliver the boxes to you and suggest the best way to pack them. If you end up purchasing too many boxes, and they are undamaged, the movers can pick up the remaining ones on the day of the move, we will refund the cost you paid when they are returned.

Alternatively, many people choose look for free moving boxes or use old boxes, this may be a good option but there are a few things to consider when choosing this route.

When reusing old boxes or acquiring them from a retail or grocery store, you want to check the quality of the boxes. You want boxes that are clean, free of mold, water damage, bug-free, and have no structural damage. Trying to save money by using free boxes may be risky if they aren’t in top condition, as it may put you at risk that your belongings could be damaged during the move.

Am I covered by insurance in the event my furniture gets damaged while moving?

Yes, everything transported by Active Movers is insured. Our movers are professionally trained and knowledgeable about how to carry furniture and other interior items with professional equipment. We always wrap your furniture and appliances in blankets to protect them from scratches or damages. In the case of a breakdown, the insurance will fully compensate for the damage caused.

What are the best dates to plan the move?

The first and last week of each month is usually the busiest. Therefore, if you have the option to choose your move-in date, moving in the middle of the month is usually less busy and also the best option. Consider what will work best for you when choosing your moving date, we are happy to help you move anytime. Movers work every day from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week.

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