Packing boxesPanicking about packing? Do not worry as we are here to make your packing experience stress-free. Take your time to read our tips. Our tips will help you to get everything packed so your movers won’t need to repack your item. In conclusion you can save about 10% on your move. 

Take a look at our packing tips:

  • Prepare boxes:

            – do not use used boxes. During the move they may tear apart.

               Moreover it will cause a delay or damage to your belongings;

            – do not use boxes without tops.

  • Divide boxes:

            – use small boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items;

            – “Assign” a few boxes for each room and label the boxes on the top and on a side.

  • Pack items:

            – pack items you will not need ahead of time. For instance, items like books;

            – pack breakables over a paddled surface;

            – stack dishes upwards;

           – use packing paper for china and other fragile items.

Never use newspaper for the simple reason, it can stain. Bubble wrap is a great alternative. 

            – Pack wardrobe clothes in boxes.

            – Use suitcases for clothes in drawers.

            – Use original boxes for electronic equipment or use

               bubble wrap for packing these items.

            – Pack and tape all furniture parts to its main base.

            – Pack important documents separate box. In addition, wrap it with stretch wrap.

  • Close boxes:

            – tape boxes; do not interlock the tops;

            – use packing tape only.

We hope our packing tips helps you during your preparations to your move. If you have any questions feel free to contact usYou also may reach us on

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