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In a search for moving tips? Perfect timing as you have arrived to the right page!

Check out our moving tips below:

  • Select your move day or a range of dates two-four weeks in advance.
  • Schedule movers and marked the confirmed move day in your calendar.
  • Arrange for a cancelation of services such as newspapers, cable, land phone, utilities, pest control or lawn services a week before the moving day.
  • Complete and send in your change of address forms a week before the move.
  • Clean out storage, basement, and closets.
  • Clean the stove and clean and defrost the fridge a day before your move.
  • Check the owner’s manuals for any special moving instructions if you take large appliances with you.
  • Important moving tip. Take care of hazardous materials: a moving company can not transport any hazardous materials (for example, bottled gases, propane tanks, gasoline or other flammables, firearms, ammunition, or explosives) by law.
  • Keep your children’s favourite things as they may have difficulties with change of the move itself.
  • Have a back up plan if you are planning to have friends and family help with the move.
  • Connect with friends and neighbours to say goodbye before your move.
  • Make snacks and have enough cash for the move day.
  • Prepare and label a box for essentials or items that you will need immediately after the move.

Ensure that this box is the last box that goes to the truck.

  • Make a cleaning kit for the last clean up before your move out – dust cloth, broom, dust pan, and a mop.
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