Moving with Seniors

There’s no question that moving is a difficult process for everyone however, it is often an especially sensitive time for seniors. Since they’ve usually lived in the house for most of their life, it is tied to their cherished memories and it has been a place of comfort over the course of their lives.

Moving with seniors may be to a senior care facility or moving into a different house, regardless moving from their long-time home is a very emotional time. Many seniors have accumulated a lot of keepsakes and other items over time; therefore, the move includes downsizing. Downsizing can take a while and be difficult, we suggest working room to room and figuring out which items are essential to keep and what can be donated or tossed. This is a difficult process for many especially when many things hold emotional or sentimental value. Active Movers understands downsizing is difficult and we recommend starting at least a month if not longer before the move date to ensure that you have the time you need to properly sort through your belongings carefully.

It’s important to visit the new place beforehand, there may be narrow hallways or door frames that would prevent bringing certain large items. By being prepared, you will have ample time to decide what to do with things you cannot bring. Some things might be worth trying to sell, or sentimental items you may want to pass on to other relatives. Additionally, if moving to a senior care facility will be a big change, and visiting it before moving will help to prepare and imagine what life in this new place will be like.

The day of the move:

We recommend that seniors who are involved in the moving of the house have a comfortable and stress-free place to relax while we do the heavy lifting. We ask that our clients do not aid in the moving of their belongings, as we will take great care of them on their behalf. Safety is vital, and we are happy when you are happy, relax, do not worry, let us do the work we love to do.

Moving with Active Movers' trained professionals provides peace of mind that your move will be stress-free. We provide a variety of professional services for moving to make the move quick and easy. Our team will disassemble and reassemble your furniture, carefully move items such as pianos, pool tables, and more. You will have a project manager who will organize and plan the move, including looking after packing, storing, and arranging items. We understand that your furniture and belongings are very important to you, we take special care to make sure nothing is scratched or damaged, and that everything is placed where you would like that, whether it be inside the new place or in storage. We understand how difficult this change can be, we are proud to offer services and support to aid you through this stressful time.

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