Moving with Children - Everything You Need to Know

Moving tends to be a stressful time with many things to worry about, but when moving with kids this is more stressful.

The list of to-dos when moving to a new house is lengthy and preparing children for the change and emotions is an important task. We have several recommendations for making the moving day stress-free for you and your children.

Maintaining a normal routine with your kid throughout the process, change and uncertainty may cause anxiety and fear, so maintaining a schedule of what they are familiar with will help make the transition easier.

Start talking about the move early, make your children aware of the new change to come long before the date will help them get used to the idea, and will help them be less overwhelmed or surprised by the change to come.

Plan to pack your child’s items and room last and unpack them first in the new house. Have your children help pack their things but keep out some favorite things that bring them comfort.

Visit the house with your kids before the move, to help them prepare for the change. Make positive associations with the new place, present exciting new things to do things like visit a playground in the area.

On moving day, no doubt you’ll be thinking about your kid’s safety. Plan for someone to care for your kids in a safe empty room away from where the movers are working. Have a bag with comforting items and toys for your child throughout the day. In both locations avoid the chance of injury by having one room where your kid can be until the move is done. When moving with Active Movers our team will take care of moving all the furniture and boxes for you. Speak with our delivery team, let us know how we can make the process easier for you and your children.

Speak to the kids to help them understand the moving process in terms they can understand, nothing will be lost.

Children often find moving difficult but with these tips and your guidance, they will learn to deal with change in a positive way and be excited about what the future holds.

Retain normality: keep up the normal schedule that your children are used to, as much as possible, for instance, consistent bedtimes.

Talk about the move often: Remind your kids that the move will happen soon, so they have lots of time to get used to the change to come.

Involve the kids in packing their belongings: pack last and unpack first, keep their favorite things with them in a separate bag to have on the day of the move.

Find a safe space: have a place or room for your child to be while the movers work for them to play and someone be with them.

Talk about the move: explain the process, nothing will be lost and that the movers will take care of everything. Speak to the movers and let them know what your worries and needs are, how we can help the day go more smoothly.

Know you can only do so much: the change of moving is both exciting and exhausting for everyone. Take on what you can handle, ask for help if you need it.

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